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Bivouac Camping



Camel Safaries welcomes you to one of the most interesting places to stay during your visit to Morocco-- the beautiful and amazing sand dunes of Erg Chebbi in the Southeast of Morocco.

A camel ride is a great way to experience the dunes. For those up for the ultimate adventure, we offer desert tours that will take you through the Erg Chebbi dunes on a camel. Watching the sun rise or set over the sand dunes of Merzouga may be the most spectacular experience you have on your trip to Morocco. The Erg Chebbi, the name of these sand dunes, is said to have some of the highest dunes in Morocco. Indeed, the dunes and the desert wildlife are impressive. Merzouga is an excellent base from which to explore the desert, and bird-watchers will be enthralled with what they see. A lake forms near Merzouga which attracts pink flamingos, and other rare birds stop here during spring migration. The desert is also the year round environment for many desert reptiles and mammals.


Take an overnight excursion over the dunes for an experience to remember. You will see waves and waves of sand dunes at sunset as you ride your camel. In the morning, you will watch the sunrise from Algeria as it catches the dunes, and in the evening, enjoy a campfire dinner before you fall asleep under the stars. Either in the middle of the desert or in the surrounding villages, you will experience the life the nomads did inside an authentic berber tent. This wonderful experience is the perfect romantic setting in the desert of Erg Chebbi.

Camel Safaries provides you with these services:
Organized bivoaucs (campsites) in the desert and nearby areas, which consist of Berber tents, and a campfire meal of traditional Moroccan fare. Take a camel trip from 1 to 4 days depending on your interest, the weather, and the season.
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